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Family Therapy San Diego

Building Better Relationships


Family therapy can be vital in helping create a healthy and harmonious family system. Having a secure, mentally healthy family unit is incredibly beneficial to the well-being of a child or children, but also the well being of the parent(s)/caregivers.

When considering family therapy, it's important to recognize the ways it can help everyone move forward towards a better life. It can be beneficial in providing you and your family with information and treatment that considers your family’s values. Therapy can help in learning to adapt and resolve intrusive patterns in individual lives and family dynamics; it can also help to improve communication between family members. Many of us know how critical communication is to any healthy relationship dynamic, but that doesn’t mean we always recognize where the issues are. Therapy can help by finding better ways for family members to communicate with one another, but also by improving how individuals communicate their own thoughts and feelings in a way that is productive and increases the quality of life.

During family therapy sessions, I work with children, siblings, and caregivers to identify challenges and strengths and develop shared goals. In the modern world, families come in all different kinds of forms. Whatever your family situation, we can all work together to help improve everyone’s happiness. I serve a diverse range of clients and work with you to understand the unique needs of the members of your family.

I help family members discover new ways to relate to one another and work on conflict resolution and communication. I also provide support to families undergoing transitions, such as divorce or new family members. Some transitions may seem minor but can have significant effects on our thoughts and behaviors that we don’t even recognize as being related. Other times, the impact of these large scale transitions or events may be more obvious and create a clearer line to follow.

Whatever the situation may be, Park Counseling can help you and your family. This can include caregivers learning to better recognize a child’s emotions, improving listening skills and learning to validate feelings, helping a child to understand and name their feelings, setting reasonable boundaries, exploring different methods to solve the issues that are occurring, and managing any other unique situations a child may be facing (such as their attention deficit or anxiety).

Sometimes families know they have a problem, but they can’t quite identify what the problem is or where to start, let alone how to fix it. It may be the case that a caregiver is in need of individual therapy to work on themselves and their own behaviors. Sometimes, a child in the family may be facing a unique set of challenges that are best dealt with on their own. For instance, children facing anxiety, trauma, or ADHD may be better off receiving their own individual guidance in child therapy. If you’re unsure of where to focus attention, or if family therapy is right for you, I would be happy to talk with you and find which avenue of help best suits the needs of your family.

I work with families to help adapt parenting styles to fit children and ensure the children are prepared to deal with real-life situations. It’s critical to take emotions into account during the parenting process. However, this consideration isn’t always given the focus it deserves. I can help families create an environment that allows for growth, bonding, intimacy, and trust-building.

Attending family therapy allows each person in the family to have a safe and secure environment as they work through the challenges their family is facing. This unique space will enable me to use my years of experience to facilitate communication and help all parties grow into feeling more secure and connected.

I offer flexible morning and evening appointments to help accommodate busy schedules. I understand the demands on many families and am willing to work with you to find a time that works best for your family. No matter the restrictions of work or school calendars, I am confident we can find a way to get your family the help you seek at a time that works. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to schedule an appointment at (619) 738-2026. You can also inquire about any questions or concerns you have about family therapy.

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