How to know if you have ADHD?

I often see younger clients brought in over concerns about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) with parents asking: how to know if you have ADHD? Caregivers and schools see signs such as poor attention, memory issues, distraction, irritability and fidgeting that are commonly associated with ADHD. Often, these symptoms mimic those of anxiety. Think about a time at work when you are really stressed about a punitive boss or problems at home. At these times, it’s probably hard to focus on your work, you may be short with co-workers, and more likely to fidget. Kids with ADHD may be more active than their peers, whereas anxious kids may exhibit nightmares, withdrawn behavior, and social anxiety.

One of the key components of child therapy is getting an accurate diagnosis and providing the right interventions. Treating a child for ADHD who has anxiety may prove ineffective and may worsen the problem if medications are prescribed. A professional assessment with child, family, and school can help determine the cause of a child’s behavior and the correct treatment. If you have questions about this process, check out the FAQ page or feel free to call at: (619) 738-2026.

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